My wish for myself (and my family) is

“365 bright mornings and starlit evenings;

52 promising weeks;

12 transformative months full of beautiful possibilities; and

4 splendid seasons.

A simply abundant year to be savoured.”

Sarah Ban Breathnach

Have a great plan for Family Home Evening. 12 Old Testament stories which gird family values; 12 New Testament stories; 12 Book of Mormon and 12 stories of the modern day prophets and their families. We then have 4 of our own family fun ideas to enjoy – bowling; hiking; The Quarry; a ride on the lift at Sundance; horse-riding at Sundance (?). I wonder if I can make FHE interesting and record them well so Grandchildren would enjoy them? (Who knows!)

Been looking at some other blogs. Beautifully presented, interesting and my heart aches to succeed and help my children feel the Spirit. Oh well.

Working on photographs into collections – excited to put together calendars and special books for everyone for Christmas 2015. This is going to be great year.

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Spiritual Healing

Last night I visited with Lore A (sp?) and worked out a clear intention of what I want for my family. I envisioned healing and connection to happen over the next year. By year three I envision progress and clarity of purpose and by year five security and love. There is more with details, but this is enough for now. My desire for a Bee Sanctuary is stronger than ever. My heart is filled with Gratitude for Melissa Kendall, Tia Hayward and Rebecca Armond. Beautiful kind people.

Writing was included in this vision and the intention to produce a book. I have Sister Horton to thank for the continued encouragement from her book about the small plates. Daily work!

I need to learn how to get my photographs off my phone to use for my family, blog and journal.

Rebekah is here for a few days. I will be snap happy for a little while.

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What to do?

Rebekah just emailed the family to ask what she should do. A navy recruiter had a chat with her. My gut feeling is Ugh! She definitely wants a career which will give her structure and a sense of purpose – but the armed forces? Kristian mentioned Julian’s experience in the Air Force in England. He loved it so much he wanted to be an instructor. He is a different person. Navy – open ocean, no escape from bunk room mates, loads of down time! I’m not happy. However, I will support her no matter what.

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So much for Primo and the commitment to blog once a week!

This is Secondo and maybe the blog will take. I completed Ann’s first class and did it a second time and started it again for a third time – ho hum. Perhaps this time it will take?

Currently I am working at Dr Bower’s office. There is a story there. It will follow, perhaps tomorrow?

Subjects to blog about bees, garden, children, family history – all will be noted and perhaps interest my children. I hope so – they interest me!

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I have made a commitment to record for posterity. This is the first entry – Primo. 

As far as eloquence is concerned – we shall have to see what comes.

I have been attending a Family History class and feel the urgency to record my story for posterity. The teacher writes in a fluid, visual and sensitive way and I feel inadequate to the task, because I would like to be as inspiring. 

To do: Find out how to put in photographs.

To do: Get dates into Legacy to prompt me to write about posterity and give meaning to the journey and learn from the past – connect.

Commit to minimum of one post per week – thereafter, anything more is a bonus!

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